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Team Bridal Budget


Adelle Tejada-
"Hi, my name is Adelle. I'm a stay at home Mom of two and since I planned my own wedding, dreamed of helping others plan theirs! I have been an Assistant Wedding Coordinator for almost 3 years with My Bridal Budget. It has been such a great experience thus far. Between meeting all different Brides & Grooms, the "I've never done this before" to the "I've been planning this day all my life" clients- it all leads to seeing their smiles on their wedding day! Fouzia really knows what she is doing and the best part doesn't try to impose her ideas or tips on you. She gives you the tools you need to have a great day and then we all make sure those wants, your dreams come true. Choose My Bridal Budget!"

Danielle Wilson-
“Hi, my name is Danielle Wilson and I am an Assistant Wedding Coordinator for MBB. I am overjoyed to be working with Fouzia and to be a part of the My Bridal Budget team. Whether t's planning a summer backyard BBQ, an intimate dinner party or a chic farm wedding, I enjoy assisting to plan and organize a unique and elegant event and revel in focusing in on the big and tiniest of details to ensure a memorable and seamless celebration.

I believe that with a concisely followed budget and a bit of creativity, some of life's simplest affairs or most grandiose occasions can be pulled off beautifully without breaking the bank. We look forward to helping you plan or coordinate on the day of, your next event that speaks truly to who you are. The idea of living in the moment is something I try to follow every day of my life by exploring our hometown of NYC like tourists with my husband and our two sons, working on the completion of my Masters degree in elementary education and blogging about all our family adventures. My goal is to help by assisting to make sure you live in the moment and enjoy your special day with your guests.”

Dianna Sarasky-
“Hello, my name is Dianna Sarasky and I am an Assistant Wedding coordinator for MBB. Working for MBB has been an amazing experience and I'm so thankful to have found such a wonderful company. I absolutely love and enjoy wedding planning as it allows me to use my creativity in a positive and productive way. My passion, creativity and attention to detail are a great asset to MBB and our clients. Seeing a happy and stress free couple at the end of their wedding night makes all the hard work worth it! The services we offer are always executed with passion and dedication to make sure your dreams come to life on your very special day!”

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