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What is a Wedding Planner?
A wedding planner is a professional whose training, expertise and contacts help you plan your wedding to perfection. A professional wedding planner has many roles—adviser, coordinator, supervisor, financial planner, and mediator. When choosing a wedding planner, it is important to consider their personality and perspective. You should feel completely comfortable with the wedding planner you hire. Please see the “About Us” section to learn more about me.

What will a Wedding Planner do for me?
After the exhilaration of the engagement settles and the reality of the planning begins, it can be shocking for couples to discover the amount of preparation involved in planning a wedding. As your to-do list grows, you are faced with decisions about every detail, large or small—from the wording of your invitations to planning your honeymoon. However, with experienced assistance to guide you through the journey, you will save you time and avoid costly mistakes. Plus, here at My Bridal Budget we not only provide you with expert guidance, but do the legwork for you, sourcing quotes and communicating with venues and vendors to keep you stress free and allow you to focus on pampering yourself and spending valuable time with family and friends. And, don’t forget spending time with your soon to be spouse! We will be there by your side every step of the way!

Can I afford a Wedding Planner?
Some time ago, a Wedding Planner was thought of as a luxury service used only by the wealthy, but Wedding Planning services are actually much more affordable than most people would imagine. My Bridal Budget will work with you and your budget to give you the best option that serves your needs. We will help you come up with ideas that fit what you envision for the price you are seeking. We offer quality at an affordable price! Schedule a complimentary consultation now to learn more.

My Venue already provides a coordinator. How are you different?
The venue’s coordinator or Maitre’d works for the venue and not you. They are not there to help you plan or coordinate anything besides what is in the venue contract. We work for you and are here to help you with any issue related to  your wedding day—on the big day or in the months leading up to the big day. We will get to know you personally and know all the dynamics of who you are and what you want. We help you with everything including coming up with a comprehensive time line covering your entire day.

Why can’t I do the planning myself?
Well, of course you can, it all depends on your lifestyle—although, it does take 250 hours or more to plan a perfect day. If you have a full-time career and other responsibilities, you may not have the time to also planning your own wedding. A lot of time goes into  comparing all the options, making sure you get the best deal and that all of the details are in place. This process can also lead to un-needed stress for a newly engaged couple who just want to celebrate and enjoy their engagement. My Bridal Budget will rescue you from the chaos. We are there to help you while giving complete control over your desired wedding plans. Check out our packages and a la carte services to choose what best fit your needs. We’re always just a phone call or email away if you have any questions.

I would like to hire a wedding planner to help me plan my wedding, but I do not want the planner to take over. How do I make sure I don’t lose control over my wedding?
Wedding Planners are not supposed to make decisions for you, but to guide and assist you in making wise choices and in realizing your vision for your big day. Be sure to choose a Wedding Planner that you feel respects your vision and understands your needs. Ask for references and review feedback from other clients to evaluate a planner’s track record of customer satisfaction. My Bridal Budget is proud of the many very happy clients we have helped host beautiful and distinctive events, and we’d be happy and proud to help you plan yours.

I don’t have a “platinum wedding” budget; can I still have a fabulous event on a smaller budget?
YES! Every event has a budget—whether big or small. Here at My Bridal Budget we are big believers in spending only what you can afford, because we feel that it’s important to start marriage debt-free. After all, financial issues are one of the biggest causes of divorce. So, one of the first things we do when we meet with you is talk about your budget and priorities. After the budget is set, we then begin the process of finding a location and vendors that all fit within your budget. So, there’s no sticker shock and no surprises and your big day is happy and stress free.

What can I expect at the complimentary initial consultation?
At our initial one-hour complimentary consultation you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with us and learn what My Bridal Budget has to offer. In addition, the consultation gives us a chance to learn your likes and dislikes, interests, personal style, and vision for your wedding. Based on this information, we give you creative planning ideas we are confident you will love.

I want to hire you, but I already have my location and vendors, is that ok?
Of course! You can come to us with all your vendors selected, or only a few, or none at all. We will assist you in any selections you haven’t already made as well as step in on the ones you have. Check out our Rest Assured ,Live, Laugh & Love, and Mr. & Mrs. packages. Finding great vendors is just the beginning; you need to follow up with several meetings and plan out the logistics for each one—it’s the perfect reason to hire us!

How do you choose vendors to recommend?
The vendors we work with have either been directly involved in a successful event with us, or they have come to us through recommendations from trusted associates.

Do you plan other events besides weddings?
While Weddings are our core business, we are passionate about event planning in general and are happy to take on an assortment of pre-wedding events and milestone celebrations (e.g. baby showers, housewarmings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, renewing your vows) as well as similar celebrations.

Where are you located? Can I just drop by?
We are located in Queens, New York and are available to meet by appointment only. We schedule the time for your consultation and appointments around your convenience and are happy to meet with you in the comfort of your own home, if that is your preference.